Sunday, February 3, 2013

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spend the night together

Although only a day ago we informed them of that Selena Gomez had been detached from all the things that reminded her to Justin, now it seems that the singer wanted to give him another chance.

And is that according to the website X-17 Online, Selena and Justin were together on Friday night at the home of Bieber. Something that has exploded all alarms of reconciliation.

The next morning, several witnesses could see Selena, the singer left the house in one of the cars to move it to the recording studio, where she is recording her new musical work.

Many suggest that this new meeting may be due to the constant efforts of Justin to recover back the love of his girl-on his latest album has dedicated three songs.

Recall that in the last three months, Justin and Selena have broken up twice, but it seems that the final break not stop coming.

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